The beginning of a life in France......

How it all started…….

Once upon a time there was a European family living in Australia. One day they went for a walk and started daydreaming about going back to Europe and starting a business in the south of France.

They nurtured this idea for 3 years and prepared everything to make the move until some things did not go according to plan.

The first thing was that their house in Australia didn’t sell. As they needed the money for France they could not commit to going.

The second obstacle was that their oldest daughter wanted to enrol in University and their youngest daughter needed a high school to go to in case they would stay in Australia 

The third issue was the bad economic state in Europe of the time. It seemed financial suicide to make such a move.

To cut a long story short, they did not go and started putting things in place to stay in Australia. The man, the main income earner found a new job and both daughters were happy to start new lives at high school and university.

It seemed that the moment of opportunity had gone up in thin air.

What was next...?

Let’s think for a moment about the woman though? She had spent a lot of energy on the preparation of this Europe adventure. She had been upgrading her high school French to an advanced level, she had more or less given up her small business and she had spent a lot of time preparing their Australian house for sale.

It all seemed for nothing and furthermore she needed to find accommodation as there suddenly was a nibble on their house and it might get sold after all. It was Christmas time with the start of a new school year looming which meant that there would be many people looking for a rental property. Imaginative as she is, she thought out of the square and got to see and sign the lease for a house before the actual first viewing.

All seemed to be going well apart from the mental state of the woman. She had been geared up to leave for so long that now she seemed to fall into a hole. Her daughters and husband had found renewed energy in their future roles and accepted their fate of not going to France.

Now this woman is a bit of a go-getter and she won’t be beaten for long. She assessed her lot and concluded that she also should introduce new energy into her life which she did………..


Off on a mission....

This story will give an account of her life in Australia while exploring to buy a house in France and to develop a source of income to make it all possible. It will describe her search for the best location for a house and above all her preparation and execution of a solo trip to France in order to find and buy a house.

Enjoy and be inspired!