Our French dream is on the map..!

After our 2012 trip to Europe we continued discussing the 'Big French adventure'. We spent the last bit of our trip with my sister at Palau Saverdera in Spain where she owns a beautiful 300 hundred-year-old mas.

I was full of buzz about the potential of buying a property in France and my sister being a seasoned entrepreneur herself, quickly helped me create a bit of a vision while we were in Spain. We did have a look at Spanish house prices and to be honest the difference with the French prices for similar properties was insignificant. My sister was confusing the matter more by tempting us to buy in Spain.

Casa Bonita, Palau Saverdera, Spain

The type of house she owns is way out of our league and would also cost a lot in France. We were more thinking of a historical house in the centre of a French village or town and such houses in Spain were in a similar price range as in France.

French house in centre of St Hillaire, France

That convinced us for the larger part of 100% that France was a better option for us combined with language issues and other attractions in France that appealed more to us.

So we went home to Brisbane, Australia with an idea in the ‘pipeline’. Quite exciting…!             Once in Australia and getting back in to the swing of things, the idea got a bit on the back burner. France seemed so far away and doubts were popping up. Was it really such a good idea or did we suffer from the typical ‘holiday’ syndrome where people want to live where they spend their holiday?

French dream versus Australian reality

Let’s be honest if you are living in Australia the idea of buying a property in France or Europe altogether is only interesting if you are going to use it on a regular base. Or maybe if you intend to return to Europe and want a foot in the market.

Brisbane river and center

We know several people in Brisbane who have bought houses in France. One friend actually bought a beautiful place with two other parties and they each get 4 months per year to use. They did it as a company to avoid ‘financial’ issues with the others. Even more interesting they also got a house in Tuscany with 12 other parties. More complicated to say the least, but maybe worth it if you like to spend a month per year in Tuscany.

One thing is interesting though, Australian go wobbly in their knees when their hear about someone owning a house in France. There is this ‘love’ relationship with anything French and I can’t put my finger on the origin of this. The result is though that just mentioning the topic with Aussies re-instates over and over again my initial enthusiasm and before long I was started to make preparations for the search of the ideal property in France.

Improving my French, studying the maps and deciding on an appropriate time to head over there was all part of the process and fun.

It starts to look more real and real…… See you next time!